7 Best Small Business Apps to Manage Your Startup

7 Best small Business Apps to Manage your startup — Domaincer

As small business owners or start-up founders, we all are searching for ways and means to enhance the efficiency of our companies. Everybody wants to reduce their efforts and increase their productivity. That’s a great way to achieve profitability.

Technological apps have made it simpler for businesses to achieve this goal. We have compiled together a brief description of the 7 best small business apps to manage your start-up.

Each of these apps is specialized to improve different business functions in an organization.

Their main focus is to help make the business operations easier, faster, and smoother.

1. Slack — Best Communication App

One of the most popular small business apps that help organizations improve their communication through secure instant messaging.

Helping you improve teamwork and coordination among employees it allows the establishment of effective communication channels, send group messages, and get instant replies without wasting time and energy.

It cuts down the costs and delays of holding unnecessary meetings and sending out long emails. Available for both computers and mobile devices, it can be used freely as well as for a premium price with additional features.

2. Trello — Best Project Management App

Trello is best suited for companies that have more than just a few employees. It helps manage and execute complicated business processes through a card-based system. It helps its users in the creation, assignment, monitoring, and completion of various tasks and activities.

It is a great tool for supervising teams and making sure that everyone is working effectively and efficiently. With its integration capabilities with other apps like Slack and Evernote, it further improves employee productivity.

You can use Trello through an online platform or download it on your mobile device. It is offered for free with an unlimited version and a premium version that requires payment.

3. Hubstaff — Best Time Tracking App

This is an effective and innovative app that allows businesses to streamline the process of tracking the working hours and activities of their remote employees.

With a large number of useful features, it allows flexible work operations, cloud-based time-tracking, and monitor the activities of the employees.

At the end of every cycle, the app provides a consolidated sheet of all the employees and the time they spend on each activity in the project.

It helps you assess employee productivity and focus on areas that need improvement.

Available for desktop, mobile devices, and online, it has GPS tracking and geo-fencing and lets you monitor the screens of the team members to see how the work is being done in real-time.

It can be integrated with several other office management apps like Trello, Asana, and Paypal.

4. Zoho Books — Best Accounting App

One of the best ways to make your business accounting process simple and convenient, Zoho Books is a financial management tool for small businesses. It allows effective management of cash flows, expenses, and revenues, lets you handle the most complicated part of the business like tracking invoicing, billing, payments, and receivables.

With automated workflows and collaborative operational capabilities, it helps enhance productivity across teams and functional departments.

It provides features for inventory management, banking, time tracking, and even financial reporting.

It is not available for free and comes at a price that depends on the features you want to use.

5. Google My Business — Best Listing App

No business can survive in this time and age without being visibly strong in the virtual world of the internet. You need to get your start-up listed on google to enhance user outreach and improve the client base.

If you are undiscoverable in google, you are losing a big opportunity.

Google My Business is free of cost tool that allows you to list your business on its various platforms like Google Maps, Google +, and its search engine.

6. Google Analytics — Best App for Analytics

This is a tool that helps you understand your customers and online users by monitoring and analyzing their activities. Tracking all kinds of information and data about your online visitors helps you assess customer preferences, user interactivity, and demographics.

Using the information and data provided by this tool, you can make smarter decisions about your website, its design, structure, features and improve your online marketing efforts.

It is available free of cost.

7. WhatsApp for Business — Best App Social Messaging

A fast-growing and efficient communication app, WhatsApp can be very beneficial for a small start-up business in improving its communication and marketing efforts.

It allows fast, secure, and accurate team communication eliminating the need for long time-wasting phone calls, emails, and meetings. It allows mass communication with clients through bulk messaging, enhances customer support, and provides a direct medium to market and promote your products and services cost-effectively.


These were some of the most popular and widely used apps that can help make your start-up business effective and efficient.

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